Chokladbaren för insomning

When should I eat the chocolate bar?

Eat it 30 minutes before going to bed for best effect. Enjoy it together with a cup of herbal tea or any other drink that does not contain caffeine.

Can you eat more than one bar at a time?

It is okay to eat two bars at a time. Factors that play a role in whether you need to eat one or two portions are for example your age, weight and fitness level.

Does the product help against poor sleep?

The product is developed to contribute to falling asleep easier at times of temporary insomnia. If you suffer from recurring problems with your sleep, it is always better to seek advice from a doctor.

Is the product filling?

If you are hungry when you are going to bed, your sleep onset can be affected. Therefore, the products are composed in a way that gives you a bit of energy for the night.

What is beta glucan?

WellBeSLEEP chocolate bar contains 1 gram of beta glucan which is a type of fibre that is found in, for example, oats. It helps to lower the bad cholesterol in the blood. In order to get this positive effect, you need to eat 3 grams per day from different sources.

Does the product contain gluten?

Yes, there is a small amount in the bar from oat bran.

Can I eat the product after exercise?

Yes, you can. It is individual how exercise affects sleep onset. If you notice that you have difficulties falling asleep after a late session at the gym, you can try to exercise earlier in the day.

How do I know that the product helps me fall asleep?

All people are different and therefore the products can affect us in different ways. The best advice is to try it and decide for yourself.