WellBeMed used cookies on this website to give the user a better buying experience as well as to collect anonymous statistics.

About cookies

In order for us to improve and develop our website, we track data with Cookies. A Cookie is a text file that is stored on your computer and contains information. It is used to facilitate for the visitor and enhance the experience.

We store no personal information via Cookies.

If you make some adjustments on the website, then that information can be saved in the cookie. Next time you visit the same website, you will not have to make the same adjustments again. Instead, it is the Cookie that notifies the website that the visitor has been there before, and what adjustments have been made.

If you choose to make new adjustments on the website, the old Cookie will be swapped for a new one on your computer. Cookies are being used for practical reasons, to facilitate for the visitor.

Law on Cookies

According to the Electronic Communications Act (SFS 2003:389) all visitors of a website containing Cookies shall get the same information about the website using Cookies and why they are used.

If you don’t want any Cookies, you can adjust your browser accordingly. This may lead to you not getting access to all the pages on the website. It is also possible to change the settings of the browser so that it automatically denies storage of Cookies or informs you every time a website asks to store a Cookie on your computer. Through the browser, you can also erase the Cookies that have previously been stored. See the information pages of your browser for help.

What we store

When you use our website, information is being stored about your computer that is used to counteract fraud, solve technical problems and enhance the usability for all customers. This includes for instance:

  • Cookies
  • IP-address
  • Referral address
  • Data that identifies which browser and version which version you use.