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Trouble falling asleep?

Do you have trouble falling asleep at night? Are you tossing and turning in bed and looking at the clock? Whatever the reason might be for not falling asleep, we know it affects our well-being. Based on research from Lund University, we have developed the product WellBeSleep®, which is a range of tasty products to savour before bedtime.

We offer WellBeSleep® Shot and Bar, both of which contain lemon balm – a herb that have been used over the centuries for its calming effect. Eat or drink your WellBeSleep® a while before going to bed.

For businesses, we also offer WellBeSleep® Bite, a small version of the bar, and the perfect give away for the travel and hospitality industry.

To help you create a good evening routine, you are welcome to subscribe to our product.

This is how WellBeSleep® works

WellBeSleep® is a range of tasty and carefully developed products to enjoy in the evening, or at any time when you wish to sleep. Perhaps you are going on a long-distance flight and need to catch a few hours of sleep on the plane?  Eat or drink your WellBeSleep® a while before you want to sleep.

It is important that you wind down and create a moment of calmness so that you help your body wind down.
Our goal with WellBeSleep® is to give you tasty and easily available products that you can bring wherever your busy lifestyle takes you.

Help from nature

Traditionally, the medicinal herb lemon balm has been used in food and drink throughout history for its positive health benefits. It soothes mild anxiety and helps sleep onset.

We have chosen to mix the lemon balm with hops to create the best possible conditions for falling asleep with ease. In addition, WellBeSleep® Bar consists of oats and oat fibre that also affect your health in a positive way.

Choose the WellBeSleep® Bar or Shot with extract from lemon balm and hops that can help you create an evening routine that is sustainable.

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Tips for falling asleep easier

To suffer from temporary sleep problems is very common and does not negatively impact your health. The problems can among others be: difficulties falling asleep, light sleep or waking up in the middle of the night or very early in the morning. Sleep problems are getting more and more common among all adults. Temporary lack of sleep is easily repaired whilst long term problems result in a lower quality of life.

  • • Take a warm bath before going to bed
  • • Skip the evening coffee
  • • Don’t go to bed hungry

What do our customers think?

"I have had problems falling asleep for quite some time and recently had the opportunity to try the WellBeSleep bar. I have not fallen asleep that quickly for ages. For me, the product really works, and it makes my everyday life a bit easier."

// Emilio Bernard, 29 år

"I have suffered from sleep problems for as long as I can remember. I have tried most things, from medication to teas, but nothing has worked for me and I have been worried about side effects. I could hardly believe it was true when I got to try WellBeSleep and fell asleep more or less straight away."

// Birgitta Larsson, 61 år